Hair sun-kissed with technical shatush

This to me is the moment when the regrowth, merciless, peeps out brown hair streaked with gold. I’m lucky to have a clear take rather color and I can afford the drop of laziness that delay the usual session at the hairdresser, but now I can say that the limit beyond which the fall style is on the corner. If I am fine where I go from hair stylist for years, continuous hearing about lately Shatush the technique is not just me trying and I might betray the aforementioned living trust, I’ve just started looking at some vitamin c and e serums as an addon to my daily shower routine.
The technique was born at the hands of Aldo Coppola and consists of an innovative method to bleach hair softly, appearing as a sun-bleached with a natural effect and without losing their softness.

Not all hairdressers know him shatush: the hair must be divided in clumps, cotton, and the bleaching is spread by hand or with a so random “brush” on the lengths, leaving the hairline and focusing on the tips. This causes the unsightly regrowth effect is not present, more is revealed the ideal method for those who want to prevent the product from coming into contact with the skin.
After the application, it must remain under a heat source, the hair is then washed and on them is applied a dye with a dye in harmony with the color of the base but which differs from it.



The price exceeds 100 €, but to hear the opinions and met taking into account that such an effect requires a smaller amount of tinkering, let us a little thought is a must.